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Fall Style Inspiration

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Are you planning a fall wedding or elopement and need some inspiration?

What's the fall style you're looking for?

Moody, neutral and cozy are all words that come to mind when looking for the inspiration for a fall event. Below is a style board pulled together from events that give off all the fall vibes. Thanks to Kimberly Crist Photography for all her beautiful art in the pictures below.

Trending Colors

Terracotta is a huge color to add in for accents right now and a perfect one for fall. Warm tones and neutrals are always a great way to bring in that fall feeling and then add in dark accents and textures to highlight your table scapes. I thought some of these colors would be a great to use with a terracotta tone. A mauve pink to bring in through your florals and then a range of greens and brown tones to bring in through your furniture pieces, florals and surroundings. A great place to start is to pull the colors from your venue or surrounding area. The grapevines, trees or buildings can be what brings in your major accent colors; greens, browns or shades of orange in fall.

How to make it unique

Take your favorite parts of fall weather like blankets, scarves, cozy drinks and incorporate them into your special day. Have a coffee bar or maybe blankets/scarves at each chair for the guest to stay warm during ceremony. Use those personal touches to bring in the accents of colors your loving also. Maybe you have a great dark green suit and a lovely cardigan for bride and groom. There are so many ways to add in little touches of you to your wedding or elopement day.

We can't wait to see what you do!

Talk soon,


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