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Why couples in their 30's want to elope

We see all sides of the wedding industry considering between the two of us, we own a wedding planning business and a bridal shop. So we get to meet a lot of brides and throughout the last few years we have seen a shift in priorities. Here is what we are seeing....

  1. They have a strong core group and don't need a big guest list. There is always time to do bigger reception at a later time but we are seeing couples choose to make sure the day of is simple and meaningful.

  2. They aren't having a wedding to accommodate others wishes. An elopement is a chance to have a day revolve around your love and know that all the details are planned for you and no chance of worrying about 100 other guests and what they need.

  3. Pictures are a priority! In 50 years, your photos will still be there to remind you of your special day, so it only makes sense that couples are willing to make sure this is a top vendor. And we agree, it should be!

  4. They understand vendors creative direction and put trust in them so they can outsource decisions. Making wedding decisions is a lot of work and we love working with brides that trust our vision and let us do our thing so they can show up and experience a magical day that is beyond what they could have come up with.

  5. Travel and experiences are important, so why shouldn't that be included in their elopement? Our elopement packages are made with the thought of our couples traveling and being able to enjoy a weekend with friends and family in a new place.... and don't worry, we will give you all our recommendations too. Everyone loves vacation and why shouldn't your wedding day feel like one too!

These are just a few things we are seeing after a few years of scaling down on the guest list and choosing the details that matter. We can't wait to see how creative couples get in the years to come!

-Abbie & Afton

(image by: Kimberly Crist Photography)

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