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Your Pinterest Wedding vs Reality

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

We all know how much Pinterest can be a helpful tool while planning your wedding or elopement. The only problem with that is sometimes we dream so big we don't realize the price tags that are attached to that dream board. Sometimes Pinterest is better used for inspiration and then realistically looking at your budget to decide what features are most important to you to have that style.

Here are three steps to help you still have that Pinterest look all while keeping your budget under control.

Step #1 - Set your budget

This is first because it helps you regulate the rest of the tips. Your budget can set the bar and give you an idea of what you want to make the most important on your day. For instance How big do you want your wedding or elopement to be?

Step #2 - What things are most important to you to complete your day?

Are you wanting a big elaborate party or something more intimate? Flowers are most important but maybe you will have a later wedding with twinkle lights and only serve Dessert? Make a list of Vendors who are important to you and the ones you're the most willing to spend higher amounts on. Dj, Florist, Photographer, Venue, Caterer, Cake, Rentals/Decor. This will help you realize where your budget should be as well as what you're willing to move around. It will also help with the next step.

"This day isn't about anyone else but you as a couple "

Step #3 - Make your guest list

This is important your guest list will set the tone for everything, maybe it should of been step one but sometimes if you set the budget and tone for what you're wanting you're willing to comb through your guest list till your sure it fits in with the rest. Not to say that you want to make people feel less important. You have to realize if a big wedding is something you want then where are you willing to tone the budget down. Are you less about the crowds and more about the intimate one on one elopement but still including your closest friends and relatives. These are all important. questions to ask yourself when making your guest list. Coming from a big family myself I know it can be hard , but one thing to remember is the marriage isn't between you and your guests its between you and your spouse. What is important to you both and what is going to make your wedding/elopement day the best for you. Do you need to hear that again ? This day isn't about anyone else but you two!

What do you want for your elopement day. Do you really want the amazing decor and food, style is what your going for maybe you have an elopement with an intimate dinner of 10-20 people afterwards. Maybe the big day is what you want the party dancing, walking down the aisle then scale back on certain things and set realistic expectation.Your wedding or elopement day can be made to fit your personality as a couple you just have to listen.

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