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How should you be using an Airbnb or VRBO for your wedding?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Weddings can be complicated and when you are trying to cut costs many couples think a vacation rental is the answer. We will share what we think you should consider before you book!

We will also go into our All Inclusive Elopement packages and why our Colorado Elopements include vacation rentals too.

We are the ladies behind Everwood Collective and combined we also own Annelise Bridal & Blossom Design. So, you could say we are IN the wedding industry and definitely have some opinions on this topic! When we started our Elopement Packages we wanted to be respectful to all the vendors we work with and have built relationships with. That being said, the reception venue was our number one place to start!

Here are things to consider when looking at booking a vacation rental for your weddings big or small.

1. MANY rental properties do not allow weddings or events!

Read the fine print. For obvious reasons there are many vacation rental companies and private rentals that do not want weddings or events on their properties. They may exceed the number of people allowed, neighbors may be angry with noise or parking issues, and also they want their properties to stay in great condition!

When we reached out to FIXTURE STUDIO to talk about partnering with us, we knew all of the above would be of concern. Our elopement packages are the only events they allow at their properties and it was mainly because we keep our guest count below 20 people, we are there the whole time and guests won't be staying the night on the property.

Do do your homework and make sure you are honest with the hosts about what you are looking to do at their property!

2. If they DO allow events and weddings, make sure you know the rules and fees.

Vacation rental sites will always have additional fees, including cleaning fees, so make sure you look at all the details to make sure you are staying in budget.

Additionally, some rental properties will have a different set of rules or event fees that go along with the property. This is where you need to make sure you are honest with guest count and be aware of noise ordinances so you can relay that to your guests.

3. Use a vacation rental to get ready at instead!

A great way to utilize the cute rental property you have been eyeing is to use it the day before and/or the day of to get ready at with your bridal party. Get those getting ready photos that are not in a dark bedroom or hotel room and we promise your photographer will love it too. It also allows access to a kitchen or place for everyone to snack and enjoy the morning of the wedding.

It could be a great place for the bridal party to stay the night after the wedding too!

4. Hotel blocks are not the only options for guests!

We suggest looking at local vacation rentals for your guests to stay and make a weekend out of your wedding! Many rentals will provide their favorite activities or favorite food spots to check out while you stay too.

Some of our favorite Fixture Studio properties made our experiences even better with all the recommendations.

TAOS, NM rental of our dreams HERE!


5. Book an intimate elopement package that includes your venue

Not everyone wants a big wedding/reception these days and WE ARE HERE FOR IT! There is nothing wrong with an intimate elopement with you and your partner and keeping your guest count small. These types of packages are made for the details to be beautiful and your guests to have the most memorable evening.

We also meet a lot of couple that don't need traditional dancing, cake cutting, etc and just want their favorite playlists and good conversations to be the highlight. Do it your way and finding wedding professionals like Everwood Collective who have it all planned and ready to go!

Support your local vacation rentals and do it the right way!

We hope these have been helpful to sort out what direction you decide to take your wedding. Happy planning AND if you need help, come say HELLO!

- Abbie & Afton

Images by : Kimberly Crist

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