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Four Things you May be Wondering Before You Elope

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Many people believe that weddings have to include lots of guests with all the traditions and that is not always the case. Maybe you've been thinking about running away with your loved one to have a simple ceremony that quickly binds the two of you together, and then celebrate with a few select guests. The following are some things to consider before you run away to elope:

How Fast Can You Get Married?

The first thing you must ponder is how long it will take you to plan a large wedding and are there going to be vendors available. The wedding industry moves quickly and things book quickly so having all of those details arranged before you get married is crucial. The more guests the more rentals, food, etc. Having an elopement allows you to focus on your partner and what is most important to you and doesn't limit your time frame as much, making it easier to get married quicker.

Can You Elope Somewhere You are Unfamiliar With?

Not only will you have to find out how long it takes to plan a wedding. You also need to think about working with a team of people that are familiar with the area to give you recommendations and also piece of mind that they have worked together before. Your day will run smoothly with leaders in the industry and maybe shop you some local hidden gems!

What Kind Of Scenery Can We Get Married In ?

Let's face it, the pictures during an elopement are what draws us to these beautiful locations and you can choose what look you want. Whether you are looking for the Colorado Mountains or the Utah Desert, you pick the style you are into and then follow that up with the local experts that plan elopements there. You will get the backdrop of your dreams and work with a team of vendors that have you back!

Will Your Family and Friends Be Upset?

You may get pushback on an elopement but that is why we have created packages that include a private ceremony for the couple and end the elopement with an intimate dinner or brunch so your core group can toast and celebrate you. It is the best of both worlds and we promise you will spend the day in the moment and not thinking about 300 other guests.

Think about the subject matter mentioned above and if eloping sounds right for you. If so, you can start the process of running away as early as today.

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